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Parts_MoneyI recently asked one of my customers what was the biggest contributing factor to his cost per part? He very quickly said; “that’s an easy answer, it’s the cost of the material itself. More than 50% of the cost per part is directly related to the material cost and even more like 75% in the case of stainless or other nickel based alloys.” So how do you control the cost per part over a long contract when the materials market is always fluctuating? He told me; “you need to buy in bulk when the price is low and hope that it does not sit in inventory for too long. It’s really a cat and mouse game.” Conventional Methods What about the material nesting and optimization capabilities? “Yes, this is very important. I often have my programmers spend a little extra time manually optimizing the nests even after the software has completed the automatic nesting cycle. They are able to squeeze a few more parts on the sheet and over a long running job this can pay off in big savings.” Cloud Computing Bystronic has introduced ByOptimizer, a cloud based software that utilizes a “server farm” of high-end non-PC based computers to calculate the best possible sheet optimization of the parts using a patented dynamic cluster technology. The software algorithm automatically clusters parts together onto the sheet, optimizing both material and time. The software boasts an average savings of 15% in cut times due to optimized cut paths while also averaging a 10% increase in material savings over conventional nesting. Material Savings With more than 50% of costs tied directly to the raw material itself, utilizing high-end technology to further increase material savings makes total sense. Cloud based technologies can utilize high-end computing power not found in conventional PC based computers and servers. Algorithms can be more powerful to deliver far better results and in a much shorter time than conventional computing methods. For most companies a 10% savings in material cost represents a large number. Sometimes you don’t realize how large a number it represents until you do the math yourself. By Frank Arteaga, Head of Product Marketing, NAFTA Region Bystronic Inc., Elgin, IL –

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    ByOptimizer is a new cloud-based sheet optimization service with patented Cluster Technology. This revolutionary service offers users unprecedented access to large scale computing power to quickly calculate highly efficient material optimization routines and reduced cut times, generating less material waste and increasing capacity.