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think-differentDifferentiation is the key to creating new opportunities in manufacturing and sheet metal fabricating. As competition remains fierce, the only way to stand out is to do things differently, better, and more efficiently than anyone else. One way to ensure differentiation is to have equipment that can process larger and thicker parts than your competitors. Doing so can create new opportunities and, being that customers like to have one-stop convenience for their fabricating needs, this could prove lucrative in the long run. Yes, bigger can be better, faster and more efficient in most cases when it comes to laser cutting flat sheet materials.

Differentiate with Higher Power

For example, a 6000 watt Fiber laser will, on average, cut up to 119% faster than a 4000 watt Fiber laser, and can pierce through 30% faster as well. This, combined with a 50% lower cost of operation compared to CO2, will enable you to have a lower cost per part than anyone who employs a 4000 watt CO2 laser, which is the most common laser cutting system on the market today. A 6000 watt laser can also cut thicker materials than a 4000 watt unit, providing yet another level of differentiation.

Differentiate with Size

A 4020 (6.5’ x 13’) table size, as compared with the industry standard of 3015 (5’x10’), can process parts that are up to 78% larger.  Parts that used to be welded together to form a larger component can be processed as a single part, eliminating costly welding operations. A larger sheet size can afford you a better overall average material yield capability while nesting (~10%) and eliminates having to keep inventory on smaller stock sizes. Using a single larger sheet size can increase the volume discount that your material supplier will provide you for ordering a larger quantity of one sheet size.

Bigger is Better

The “Bigger is better” concept is just one of many ways to help differentiate your business and create greater financial opportunities with laser cutting.

By Frank Arteaga, Head of Product Marketing, NAFTA Region
Bystronic Inc., Elgin, IL –