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big_pictureIn business, the most successful manufacturing companies are the ones that employ a “vision” or concept of the future to which they wish their company to aspire. They recognize that industry, commerce and the world in general are constantly changing, and without a plan for moving forward you will most certainly end up falling behind.

As an OEM or job shop fabricator, you must constantly search for new and innovative ways of doing things faster, more economically, and with even higher quality if you hope to see your business compete and grow successfully. Your own creativity and metalworking industry knowledge are instrumental in establishing a vision for your company, of course, but the ability to institute progressive changes is also dependent on the availability of machine-tool and software technologies that can help you realize your goals.

As the innovators in fabricating machine technology, it is up to the machine builders to conceptualize technological advancements that are yet to be developed, and then turn those inspirations into viable products that enhance both productivity and efficiency. They must always be looking to apply leading-edge cutting and bending technologies to their machine and software technology innovations, while keeping their own “vision” continually focused on resolving their customers’ challenges and on helping them to maintain a competitive advantage.

As consumers, we rely on the companies that demonstrate technology leadership to develop the next “big thing” and bring it to us. These innovative companies are always thinking about the “what ifs”, and how they can turn that questioning into ideas which can then become viable products. When innovative products are part of an overall vision, they necessarily become part of a bigger whole – much the way a jigsaw puzzle piece contributes to creating a larger picture. When you partner your success with any of these innovative technology leaders, you are helping transform your company into a progressive, leading-edge business that is both more productive and more competitive. It’s not about any one piece of fabricating technology, but how each piece of the fabricating machine technology puzzle contributes to the overall big picture that ultimately makes the difference.

By Frank Arteaga, Head of Product Marketing, NAFTA Region
Bystronic Inc., Elgin, IL –