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Laser Tube Processing on the ByStar Fiber

Flexibility in metal fabrication begins with having the right tools. This is especially important if you are a job shop and are in the business of taking on work like laser tube processing, for example, that most shops cannot manage. Smart manufacturing requires that shop owners and managers have a vision and pursue machine tools that will expand that flexibility and provide a competitive advantage.

Maintaining a competitive edge in fabrication

Maintaining that competitive edge can be achieved in  a number of ways:

  • Having skilled employees
  • Maintaining an efficient process
  • Owning machine tools that your competitor does not have
  • Producing parts faster and more economically than anyone else

Having capabilities that your competitor does not eliminates the price competition altogether as they won’t bid on a job they can’t produce.

Becoming the preferred single-source supplier

As consumers we all like our purchases to be simple and convenient. When companies look for suppliers they are not only looking at price and delivery but also a simplification of the supply chain. Very simply, if you can purchase your products from a single source rather than having to use multiple sources that makes the procurement process more convenient.

ByStar Fiber laser with optional laser tube processing simplifies the supply-chain and gives you a competitive advantage. When you can produce products no one else can produce, you can name your price. When you can produce products faster and more economically, you can outbid your competition. If you can do both, you are making a compelling and attractive argument to become that preferred single-source supplier.

Flexibility on the shop floor creates opportunity

While most shops can process flat sheet metal through their equipment, fewer can process both flat and non-flat materials such as round and square tubing. This is where the competitive differentiation begins to take hold. As a job shop you never want to turn down work if you can help it. You never know when a job for a new customer could lead to other opportunities in the future. The ability to process tube profiles can represent that future opportunity. Whether the opportunity presents itself through current customers, or by branching out to new customers, you will no doubt have expanded your manufacturing flexibility and competitiveness.

Differentiate with Laser Tube Processing

Bystronic’s ByStar Fiber laser cutter provides the capability to be that single-source supplier with the addition of an optional CNC controlled rotary axis for tube processing. The most productive Fiber laser cutting machine on the market is now an even more flexible, high performance machine tool. From flat profile cutting to tube cutting, the ByStar Fiber has you covered.  Now you can take on jobs that your competitor cannot, with the speed to outbid them as well.

Learn more about the ByStar Fiber laser optional rotary axis.

By Frank Arteaga, Head of Product Marketing, NAFTA Region
Bystronic Inc., Elgin, IL –