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The principle of Fibernomics includes the overall economic advantages that result from owning a high power fiber laser cutting machine.

Fibernomics & Sheet Metal Fabricating

Fibernomics & Sheet Metal Fabricating

Lower Operating Costs + Faster Processing = Greater Profit & Earnings Potential

Fibernomics begins with the powerful BySprint Fiber 6kW. Depending on material type and thickness, BySprint Fiber can reduce  operating costs by more than 50% and increase processing speeds by up to 400%.

Although this is the basis of the Fibernomics principle, fabricators have quickly realized the pull and push demand that the Fiber laser has also created. Front-end business software systems that process orders into ‘bills of materials’ and job routings, as well as programming systems that provide programs for the laser, all need to keep up with increased throughput from the Fiber laser. In addition, there is a push-demand created from the Fiber laser’s increased throughput.

Maintaining the Pace of Increased Parts Production:

Increased parts production means that processes such as material handling, bending, welding and painting also need to keep pace. Having the right technology in place to keep pace with new Fiber laser cutting machine investments provides companies with an even greater capacity to reduce their cost per part, increase their profit potential and stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Economic Advantages:

Fibernomics isn’t just the economic advantage of owning a Fiber laser cutting machine, but the overall economic advantage that is created when all of the pull and push demands are satisfied to meet the production capabilities of the Fiber laser as well.

Fibernomics is an all-encompassing economic principle and the key to a competitive advantage in today’s sheet metal fabricating environment. It is no longer about how a single piece of machinery will affect the fabrication process, but how all the machines and supporting software technologies work together to create a cohesive and effective fabrication and business solution.


By Frank Arteaga, Head of Product Marketing, NAFTA Region
Bystronic Inc., Elgin, IL –