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ByStar FiberInnovation is the driver of high performance manufacturing and the key to competitive differentiation. It can be found at the core of every company that desires to compete, survive and flourish. The new high performance ByStar Fiber Laser cutting machine achieves the competitive differentiation sought by leading edge manufacturers. The new Bystar fiber has been designed from the ground up to meet the speed and acceleration demands from high power fiber lasers.

Harnessing the Speed
As fiber lasers continue to expand to higher power thresholds, one of the key performance factors is the ability to harness the speed benefits from the higher laser powers by improved machine performance capabilities. At the core of the improved machine performance is the ability of the motion system to respond without compromises, to the speed requirements from the higher laser power, and the ability of the motion system to maintain its accuracy and rigidity even with changes in direction while cutting at high speeds. To facilitate speed, the Bystar fiber employs a linear drive motion system for both X and Y axis that removes any mechanical limitations from the drive system.

One of the keys to achieving exceptional acceleration dynamics is reducing weight while increasing rigidity. Bystronic’s innovative triangle cutting bridge on the new ByStar Fiber provides both. The triangle shape of the cutting bridge enables a 40% increase in acceleration over square profile designs, a 60% increase in torsional rigidity and a 25% reduction in overall profile weight. In this video you can see how the triangle cutting bridge design enables the ByStar Fiber to take full advantage of the increased speeds generated by the high fiber laser powers and the linear drives, while also maintaining axis rigidity during accelerations. Click here to view video.

With faster speeds and accelerations while cutting, the new ByStar Fiber creates the competitive differentiation that companies are looking for. Shorter lead times and higher margins due to faster processing times create competitive differentiation and new opportunities. Opportunities arise from satisfied customers providing additional work as they look for cost effective supply chains; faster processing also creates new machine capacity opportunities to take advantage of the new found business.

Riding the Wave of Innovation
High performance manufacturing is the key to maintaining higher margins, shortening customer lead times and creating competitive differentiation. Companies that continue to ride the wave of new machine innovations are setting themselves apart from their competition. Seizing the window of opportunity derived from these new innovations is how leading edge companies continue to grow exponentially and reap higher financial rewards.

By Frank Arteaga, Head of Product Marketing, NAFTA Region
Bystronic Inc., Elgin, IL –

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