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It is said that humans are creatures of habit. We often do the same things the same way because it provides a sense of comfort and security. We are inherently resistant to change because we value the security of consistency and the sense of structure that is afforded by it.

By the very nature of innovation, change is inevitable and also necessary.

As an example, when we wake up for work we often have the exact same rituals before leaving our homes, when we arrive for work we park our cars in the exact same parking position and we get our morning cup of coffee as we begin our day. So it is evident that as humans we value consistency but we do not look for change.

By the very nature of innovation, change is inevitable and also necessary. Change is therefore a byproduct of innovation. So as we look at innovative ways of manufacturing products faster, two things are evident — the need to maintain process consistency and embrace the thought of change.

Variability is the enemy of consistency. Any variability in the process needs to be removed to reduce variability in the cost. Consistency in the cost is important to maintain margins. Margins are achieved when what you match what you predicted the cost would be for the product and you still maintain the same sales price. If you reduce the costs even further then the margins become greater or you can offer more competitive pricing that could potentially bring in more sales volume.

By Frank Arteaga, Head of Product Marketing, NAFTA Region
Bystronic Inc., Elgin, IL –