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Satisfying the Production Capabilities of Today’s Fiber Laser Cutting Machines The economic principle behind Fibernomics is Lower Operating Costs + Faster Processing = Greater Profit and Earnings Potential. But Fibernomics isn’t just the economic advantage of owning a Fiber laser; it’s the overall economic advantage that is created when all  [ Read More ]

I recently asked one of my customers what was the biggest contributing factor to his cost per part? He very quickly said; “that’s an easy answer, it’s the cost of the material itself. More than 50% of the cost per part is directly related to the material cost and even  [ Read More ]

Key considerations for evaluating a good fiber laser cutting machine. There seem to be new companies offering fiber lasers nearly every month.  Among them are companies I have never heard of, along with companies from other machine tool industries that are marketing a laser machine for the very first time!  [ Read More ]

Maintaining margins in the wake of rising costs is one of the most important challenges faced by businesses today. Increases to the cost of raw materials, fuel, transportation and labor present an unending challenge to a company’s profitability. Passing these expenses on to your customers is certainly one strategy for  [ Read More ]