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The introduction of the compact high-speed press brake represents a major opportunity for fabricators. Compact high-speed press brakes are capable of bending up to two times more parts than conventional hydraulic brakes, making them the perfect complement to the production capabilities of a Fiber laser. With Fiber lasers producing two  [ Read More ]

Speed and consistency are the hallmark of today’s Fiber laser cutting machines and their capacity to process a vast amount of sheet metal on a daily basis. In order to maintain this consistent pace of production it is critical to have some form of material automation. While operators can be  [ Read More ]

Flexibility in metal fabrication begins with having the right tools. This is especially important if you are a job shop and are in the business of taking on work like laser tube processing, for example, that most shops cannot manage. Smart manufacturing requires that shop owners and managers have a  [ Read More ]

In today’s fast paced production environment, the ability to have a high level overview and control of all released production jobs, and to monitor their status, is essential to production management and maintaining on-time delivery schedules. A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides the ability to plan, monitor and track all  [ Read More ]

Gaining the edge in today’s competitive market requires intelligence derived from data and the ability to act upon information to improve processes and machine performance. If two companies have the same equipment, what then becomes their competitive differentiation? It first starts with the people they employ, their skill level and  [ Read More ]

Hiring CNC Machine Operators is Challenging Is your company having a hard time filling CNC machine operator positions? How ‘smart’ is the CNC control software on your current machines? Are your machines over 10 years old? Are they complicated to operate because they are using older technology that requires specialized  [ Read More ]

A continuous improvement process is how companies consistently reduce their costs by finding opportunities that will save time, materials and labor. In order to find the hidden opportunities in the sheet metal production process, each process must be broken down into subsets and then measured. Measuring the Data:  The best  [ Read More ]

Automating bending operations when production demands are high provides a much needed flexibility for fabrication shops. As productivity has increased due to the introduction of high speed Fiber laser cutting systems, so has the demand for additional bending capacity. Offline programming capabilities has surely freed up additional press brake capacity,  [ Read More ]

As innovative hardware and software technologies have been introduced into modern CNC press brakes, the skill sets required to operate these machines have changed dramatically. Consequently, with the introduction of new innovative machine technologies, tasks have become simpler and less time consuming and overall productivity has increased. The press brake’s  [ Read More ]

With today’s high speed fiber laser cutting systems producing 2 to 4 times more parts per unit of time, effectively managing your bending operations is critical to achieving higher productivity at the press brake. The easy solution is to just add more press brakes, but let’s look at current operations  [ Read More ]